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15.06.2019 13:35

Edible Flowers

Random pictures from the 3rd Festival of Edible Flowers in  the Hortulus Gardens. July 2018. I can not wait for this year's edition.----------Różne zdjęcia z III Festiwalu Kwiatów Jadalnych w Ogrodach Hortulus. Lipiec 2018 roku. Nie mogę się już doczekać tegorocznej edycji.Linked to:Saturday's SnapshotFriday Photo Journal

13.06.2019 23:15

Friday Bliss_20190614

We saw this common dracunculus (Dracunculus vulgaris, dragon lily, dragon arum, black lily, dragonwort, voodoo lily) on our way to Filerimos monastery. I think the flower was like 50 cm long.  Funny fact (or maybe not), when pollination of dragon arum starts, it smells like rotten meat. Thanks to this, flies pollinate the plant, not bees.----------Zauważyliśmy tego drakunkulusa zwyczajnego (Dracunculus vulgaris, smocza lilia, lilia voodoo) w drodze do klasztoru Filerimos. Myślę, że kwiat mógł mierzyć około 50 cm. Ciekawy fakt: podczas zapylania roślina pachnie jak gnijące mięso, dlatego jest zapylana przez muchy, a nie pszczoły.Linked to:Friday BlissFloral Friday Foto

11.06.2019 00:11

Things to see in Mandraki harbour (Rhodes)? /////// Co zobaczyć w porcie Mandraki (Rodos)?

function FinEnglish str document getElementById 'inPolish' style display 'none' document getElementById 'inEnglish' style display 'block' function FinPolish sign document getElementById 'inPolish' style display 'block' document getElementById 'inEnglish' style display 'none' nbsp Language - Read in English nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Language - Czytaj po polskuMandraki Port is the oldest harbour of the island of Rhodes It has performed this function since BC According to legends it was here that one of the seven wonders of the world was located The Colossus of Rhodes metres high was mentioned in BC It was destroyed by the earthquake in BC Although historians are still arguing about whether the statue actually stood at the entrance of this harbour it's nice to think that I saw this place Today instead of the god of the sun Helios at the entrance to the port there are statues of deer and doe We can also see both animals in the coat of arms of Rhodes It should also be mentioned that in Roman times a she-wolf was standing on the site There are many interesting architecturally diverse buildings along the coastline The New Market Nea Agora nbsp The Cathedral of the Annunciation of the VirginFort of St Nicholas nbsp Casino Rodos nbsp Rhodes AquariumThree windmills built in the era of Joanites that is around the fourteenth centuryAs of today merchant ships are no longer calling at the Mandraki harbour It became a haven for yachts catamarans and powerful cruise ships You can rent a yacht sail to the surrounding islands and even Turkey In addition diving schools offer PADI courses and if someone does not like diving and wants to see what is happening below the surface of the Aegean Sea it should definitely buy a glass bottom boat trip nbsp If you are sailors you find more technical information nbsp here Linked to Tuesday's Treasuresbethere dayTravel TuesdayOur World TuesdayPort Mandraki jest najstarszym portem wyspy Rodos Pe ni t funkcj od r p n e Wed ug legend to w a nie tu zlokalizowany by jeden z siedmiu cud w wiata Mierz cy metry Kolos Rodyjski [...]

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